I am honored to have popped Paul's cherry as the first interview for his Muddy Buddy Secrets Podcast.  I am grateful that he is eager to create a venue where people can discuss things that aren't often discussed; whether the topics are taboo, filled with TMI (too much information), or just personal, people need to hear the words that aren't often spoken. I hope his podcast informs, entertains, or comforts anyone who tunes in.

As for the topic of my book, Infertility: The Down and Dirty Truth (found on amazon)- I wrote this after hearing feedback about how my support, advice, subject knowledge, and compassion helped numerous friends through their own infertility struggles. People reached out to me because I was vocal about it, and some had felt completely alone or scared before we chatted. I hope this book helps anyone who feels alone in their infertility journey, and helps others understand how to be supportive of their loved ones who have to face these struggles.

It's real and unfiltered, as that's how I prefer life to be. No need to sugar coat a shitty situation- just need the down and dirty information and perspective.

Thanks for reading, and if you listen to my interview or read my book- thank you for that as well.  I appreciate your support, and hope I have supported you in some way.

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